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Le «Hulk iranien» a raconté à Sputnik pourquoi il avait relevé le défi du «Cauchemar». Habitué des concours de bodybuilding et de force athlétique où il représente son pays, l'Iranien Sajad Gharibi, surnommé Hulk pour sa ressemblance avec l'énorme super-héros à la peau verte, n'a commencé son parcours dans le MMA qu'il y a un an Published on Apr 28, 2019. The social media sensation known as the Iranian Hulk announced he will be pursuing an MMA fight in 2020

But the Iranian Hulk Sahan Gharibi will finally have a chance to prove he can live up to his Marvel superhero namesake when he finally steps into the ring. The powerlifter has announced he will finally step into the ring in 2020 for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. Live stream UFC with ESPN on KAYO An absolute monster of a bodybuilder who calls himself 'The Iranian Hulk' has announced that he is going to make his MMA debut. Sajad Gharibi is also known as the 'Persian Hercules' and stands at.. Iranian Hulk Announces MMA Debut - Duration: 4:00. Nick's Strength and Power Recommended for you. 4:00. Top 10 funny performances Got Talent - Duration: 43:03..

Bodybuilder acharné, Sajad Gharibi est un Iranien de 27 ans qui s'est forgé un physique pour le moins impressionnant: 180 kg pour 1,86 m. Ainsi baptisé le « Hercule perse » ou le « Hulk iranien »,.. Iranian Hulk is heading to the MMA cage this year Viral Iranian powerlifter Sajan Gharibi has announced his next outrageous move, responding to a fiery call-out from across the pond. April 28, 2019 8:36a L'incroyable combat du « Hulk iranien » contre le « Hulk brésilien » 08/03/2019 par David C'est peut-être bien le combat du siècle qui se profile entre deux hommes qui revendiquent le titre de Hulk. C'est un combat qui fait beaucoup parler de lui dans le petit monde du MMA Ivan Shtyrkov official Sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the Heavyweight fighter from Russia

B ritain's bodybuilder Martyn Ford, branded the scariest man on the planet, has been signed up to fight in a mixed martial arts (MMA) clash against Iranian giant Sajad Gharibi, nicknamed the 'Iranian Hulk'. Ford, who is over two metres tall and weighs about 144 kilogrammes, is reported to eat 20 egg whites, three full eggs, and 300 grams of. Romario dos Santos Alves, 29, a bodybuilder known as the Brazilian Hulk, agreed to take on Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi, 27, in a video posted to social media +6 Santos Alves, who used to inject.. UFC 257: Brock Lesnar versus the Iranian Hulk!!!! the WWE MEGAFIGHT!!!♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️. Chi lewis parry takes on the Egyptian hulk Mahmoud Hassan on Uae Warriors 2, live from the Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi. Watch the full fight and the fastest.. Martyn Ford versus the Iranian Hulk BATTLE OF TITANS!!! MEGA BATTLE!!! Sajad Gharibi vs Martyn Ford ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️.

Gharibi is an Iranian weightlifter, bodybuilder, and practitioner of mixed martial arts, who was born in Khozstan, Ahwaz and lives in Bushehr, Iran. His nickname is the Iranian Hulk or the Persian Hercules because of his huge muscle mass. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 390 pounds A weightlifter known as the Iranian Hulk due to his sheer size has announced his official MMA debut — and he has plans to smash the competition. Sajad Gharibi, who towers at 6'2 tall and weighs..

Martyn Ford c'est 02m07 pour 145 kilos de muscle, The Iranien Hulk, 1m85 pour 154 kilos. Un combat qui marquerait le début de la carrière professionnelle des deux hommes. Une dinguerie qu'il ne.. Powerlifting sensation Sajad 'Iranian Hulk' Gharibi may have met his match in a potential MMA debut opponent that goes by the same nickname - 'Brazilian Hulk' Romario Dos Santos Alves - if rumors are to be believed KSW, organisation la plus prestigieuse d'Europe de l'Est, a réussi un gros coup sur la scène MMA. Elle a signé un combat de titans entre deux des plus gros bodybuilders. Sajad Gharibi, surnommé.. Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi has transformed himself into a media sensation and is set to make his MMA debut before the end of the year

MMA Fighting homepage. MMA Fighting better known as Iranian Hulk. View this post on Instagram. A post shared by iranian hulk (@sajadgharibiofficial) on Apr 25, 2019 at 8:23am PDT. A. 186 cm, pour 180 kg. Sajad Gharibi, bodybuilder star, va faire ses premiers pas dans le sport de combat e

Combat du siècle: le «Hulk iranien» contre un des plus

Iranian Hulk Announces MMA Debut - YouTub

Lui, c'est Sajad Gharibi, connu sous le surnom très évocateur de Hulk iranien. Cette référence au célèbre et inquiétant personnage vert, super-héros de l'univers Marvel, lui sied à merveille. Ce.. It's a good thing there are no gloves in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, because there probably isn't a pair that could fit the boxing promotion's latest acquisition. At the end of the BKFC.. Le phénomène des réseaux sociaux Sajad Gharibi, surnommé le Hulk Iranien, va débuter dans le combat à mains nues, au sein du Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. À la fin du BKFC 9, où Lobov s'est incliné face à Knight, l'organisation a dévoilé sa nouvelle signature de prestige : Sajad Gharibi alias Iranian Hulk (Hulk Iranien en VF). Bodybuilder de métier (1.82m, 170kg), il avait déjà souhaité vouloir se lancer dans les sports de combat un peu plus tôt dans sa carrière.

Le Hulk Iranien a déclaré qu'il ferait son entrée au MMA et qu'il a été défié par un autre mastodonte! Récemment, une information a révélé que l'homme, connu sous le nom de « l'Hulk iranien », était sur le point de faire ses débuts en MMA The 390+ pound muscle man known as Iranian Hulk has found an opponent with Brazilian Hulk and his 25 inch biceps agreeing to a fight. by The Sun 2 years ago A human giant dubbed the Iranian Hulk could finally make his MMA debut after being challenged by his Brazilian counterpart Annews24.com,Sajad Gharibi, well-known in Iran and beyond for his extraordinarily massive physique, had earlier expressed his intention to try his hand in an MMA fight, but it never became a reality. However, this didn't stop the athlete from persisting in his preparations. Overwhelmingly big weightlifter Sajad Gharibi, commonly known as the Iranian Hulk, has taken [ Le Hulk Iranien se lance dans les combats à mains nues Un pro de championnats de claques met KO un mec chargé au synthol Hafþór Björnsson (La Montagne) et Eddie Hall devraient s'affronter. Overwhelmingly big weightlifter Sajad Gharibi, commonly known as the Iranian Hulk, has taken to social media to announce his debut mixed martial arts bout against an unnamed Brazilian opponent slated for next year, although no more details have been given so far, except that Gharibi is well prepared for what is ahead

MMA News: The Iranian Hulk set to make combat sports debut with BKFC. The real-life hulk. Anurag Mitra FOLLOW. ANALYST Modified 20 Nov 2019, 21:15 IST . News. SHARE. BKFC will have a difficult. Goliath v Goliath: 'Scariest man on the planet' set to take on 'Iranian Hulk' in MMA match. Two behemoths are set to battle each other in one of the 'biggest' mixed martial arts contests of all time, as 6ft 8in Englishman Martyn Ford readies himself to face 390lb 'Iranian Hulk' Sajad Gharibi Martyn Ford and the 'Iranian Hulk' could be set for an MMA fight. Photo: Twitter. One is 2 metres tall and 143 kilograms, known as the scariest man on the planet. The other is 1.85. Sajad Gharibi est un bodybuilder iranien également connu sous le nom de The Iranian Hulk ou encore le Hercules Perse. Le bodybuilder Gharibi est devenu un phénomène sur les réseaux sociaux. Avec son mètre 82 pour 170 kilos, il est facile de comprendre pourquoi. Attention, The Iranian Hulk tient à préciser qu'il est 100% naturel. Il a notamment représenté l'Iran lors de compétitions de bodybuilding. S'il peut soulever jusqu'à 175 kilos selon le Daily Mail, Gharibi est. Eventually, the camp did not come, but the 'Iranian Hulk' will soon get into the cage - albeit against an unnamed Brazilian. I finally accept the challenge to venture into my first professional MMA camp, Gharibi writes on Instagram. Before 2020 I will compete against a Brazilian fighter. More information about the camp will.

We're talking Sajad Gharibi who weighs in at a whopping 340 pounds (24 stone). The man mountain - dubbed as 'Iranian Hulk' - is a former bodybuilder and has a wrestling background. Image. Now there is rumor that his first opponent will be another MMA newcomer. Known as the Iranian Hulk. This man is a mass monster on the opposite side of Martyn Ford. He's all girth and massive muscle - matching the physique of the superhero The Hulk - which is where he got his nickname You're looking at Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi-- a powerlifter who's become a social media sensation -- and he's about to try his hand in MMA. The good news.

Iranian Hulk set for MMA debut, Bare Knuckle, powerlifting

Bodybuilder Nicknamed 'The Iranian Hulk' Announces His MMA

The 27-years-old Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi is expected to debut in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in 2020. The 6ft 2inches high and 390-pounds heavy Sajad wished to fight his first MMA fight through his official Instagram account which is followed by 450000 people 19 Stone 'Brazilian Hulk' Agrees To Fight 28 Stone 'Iranian Hulk' In MMA Bout. Nasir Jabbar in Other. Last updated 6:19 PM, Tuesday March 05 2019 GMT. Forget Martyn Ford, the 'Iranian Hulk' has. America has The Rock, Iceland has The Mountain, and Iran has the Persian Hercules. The Persian Hercules aka the Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi is a powerlifter who stands 6'2'' tall, weighs 385 pounds, and is wider than an industrial fridge. The 27-year-old has become a social media sensation, amassing 445,000 Instagram followers, nearly seve Sherdog Forums | UFC, MMA & Boxing Discussion. Forums > Fight Discussion > Worldwide MMA Discussion > Iranian Hulk coming to BFKC. Discussion in 'Worldwide MMA Discussion' started by wushu, Nov 21, 2019. wushu Professional Salad Tosser. Joined: Jan 2, 2002 Messages: 14,197 Likes Received: 82 Location: Filthy Frisco 415. BKFC's announcement didn't include an official date for Gharibi's d

Report: Martyn Ford Rumoured To Be Fighting Iranian Hulk In 2019 Under KSW Banner There are many MMA promotions all around the world that sign giants. Unfortunately, UFC doesn't have Super Heavyweight division. Every fighter heavier than 265 lbs tests his luck somewhere else. Yet, it looks like the Polish promotion KSW (Konfrontacija Sztuk Walki) [ Massive powerlifter 'Iranian Hulk' teases MMA debut. New, 42 comments Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi has teased a move to MMA. By Anton Tabuena @antontabuena Apr 27, 2019, 8:00am EDT.


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  1. Iranian Hulk (1.82m, 170kg) signe en Bare Knuckle. La Sueur-18 novembre 2019. Boxe. Le phénomène des réseaux sociaux Sajad Gharibi, surnommé le Hulk Iranien, va débuter dans le combat à mains nues, au sein du Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. À la fin du BKFC 9, où Lobov s'est incliné face à Knight, l'organisation a dévoilé sa nouvelle signature... Lire la suite. Bare Knuckle.
  2. BKFC has announced the signing of Sajad Gharibi, better known as the Iranian Hulk. Gharibi is a bodybuilder from Ahwaz, Iran. He has gained popularity on social media due to his abnormal.
  3. Sajad Gharibi, better known on the internet as the Iranian Hulk due to his giant physique, is set to participate in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Internet sensation Sajad Gharibi, an extreme bodybuilder from Iran with an outrageously puffed-up physique, has joined the boxing fight club, according to MMA Fighting on Sunday
  4. 'The Egyptian Hulk' Mahmoud Hassan was once knocked out in eight seconds and was hospitalised with four fractured bones. Hassan was facing off against Chi Lewis-Parry and was destroyed in the.

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'The Iranian Hulk' Is 375 Pounds of Sheer Muscle and

L'incroyable combat du Hulk iranien contre le Hulk

538.1k Followers, 18 Following, 242 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from iranian hulk (@sajadgharibiofficial Connaissez-vous Sajad Gharibi, le Hulk iranien ? VIDÉO WTF - Ce beau bébé de 1,86 m pour 182 kg est un adepte de la force athlétique et du bodybuilding. Il adore exhiber ses gros biceps A 40 ans, ce combattant de MMA a trouvé sa fontaine de jouvence Le Hulk Iranien se lance dans les combats à mains nues Un pro de championnats de claques met KO un mec chargé au syntho — Nolan King (@mma_kings) November 17, 2019 BloodyCanvas.net owner Jon Realjo posted on Twitter about the announcement and the unfortunate name of the promotion USA vs Iran: World War 3

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15. Sajad Gharibi is better known as the Iranian Hulk Credit: Instagram @sajadgharibiofficial. His abnormally muscular frame has even drawn comparisons to Marvel's The Incredible Hulk, with fans dubbing him the 'Iranian Hulk' because of his size. Standing 6'2 tall, Gharibi weighs an incredible 28 stone - mostly muscle - and has amassed over. News.com.au - The man mountain dubbed the Iranian Hulk has been floating an MMA fight for years and now he might finally have a start. He's big, he's mean and you wouldn't like him when he's angry, well, we assume anyway. But the Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi will finally have a chance to prove he can live up to his Marvel superhero namesake when he finally steps into the ring. The. Le «Hulk iranien» Et bien il y a un autre néophyte de la boxe qui souhaite tenter le coup. En effet, le célèbre culturiste Sajad Gharibi a annoncé qu'il fera ses débuts en boxe en 2020. L'homme qui mesure 1m86 et pèse 180 kilos est surnommé le «Hulk iranien»

L'Iranien Hulk Sajad Gharibi fera ses débuts en tant que

'Iranian Hulk' To Face 'Scariest Man On Planet' In MMA

I love the Iranian Hulk, but we're never going to see him fight bare-knuckle or MMA, or doing anything which will require him to take his shirt off. Click to expand... He needs to go to Rizin. He can wear whatever he wants and fight Bob Sapp while he's at it. DrGlaze, Jan 3, 2020 #12. RODNEY83 Purple Belt. Joined: Dec 24, 2016 Messages: 1,700 Likes Received: 125 Location: GAINESVILLE. MMA NEWS Mixed Martial Arts News, Results, Interviews & More. Saturday, December 26, 2020. Faceboo Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship announced during its BKFC 9 broadcast on Saturday that it has signed Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi. He is set to make his BKFC debut sometime in 2020. A native of Iran, the 27-year-old Iranian Hulk is a hardcore bodybuilder who has become popular through his viral photos on social media exhibiting his incredible and almost comic-like physique MMA Wrestling Basketball Cricket Rugby Union Rugby League Motorsport Tennis Horse racing hulk smash 175kg bodybuilder known as the 'Iranian Hulk', who volunteered to fight ISIS, signs with.

Brazilian Hulk 'agrees to take on Iranian Hulk in MMA

November 23, 2018 at 1:23 pm | Published in: Europe & Russia, Iran, Middle East, News, UK MMA fighter Martyn 'The Beast' Ford (L) and Sajad Gharibi, nicknamed the 'Iranian Hulk' Former Brazil international Hulk has been dating the niece of his ex-wife Iran Angelo de Souza according to UOL. The 33-year-old, who now plays his football in China, has confirmed the relationship iranian hulk (@sajadgharibiofficial) added a photo to their Instagram account: Be brave and Invite me to fight. rather than hiding behind your sponsors, I am ready to fight you MMA. Fights. Weird. Boxing. More. Search. CONFIRMED: Iranian Hulk Signs Bare-Knuckle Fighting Contract . Instant Articles Boxing MMA. Darren. Nov 18, 2019. 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. ReddIt. Email. Mix. VK. The bare-knuckle boxing scene is on the rise. After another successful event in Mississipi, BKFC are already planning their next morally reprehensible event. You've got to love it. The. Goliath in octagon; Iranian Hulk announces debut MMA fight April 28, 2019 admin Sports , Top & How , Trending Video , US news , World insider , World News 0 Annews24.com,Sajad Gharibi, well-known in Iran and beyond for his extraordinarily massive physique, had earlier expressed his intention to try his hand in an MMA fight, but it never became a reality

Public Buzz : Photos : En Iran, Hulk existe

UFC 257: Brock Lesnar versus the Iranian Hulk!!!! the WWE

— Nolan King (@mma_kings) November 17, 2019. BKFC has announced they have signed internet sensation The Iranian Hulk a.k.a Sajjad Gharibi. He'll make his debut in 2020. 6'2″, 390 pounds. I have no words View this post on Instagram. My breakfast with (Energy drink royal angel ) سلام صبح بخیر صبحانه ی من به همراه نوشیدنی انرژی زا. Plusieurs Hulk dans le monde entier. A force de vous les présenter un par un, on se rend compte qu'en fait il existe des Hulk un petit peu partout dans le monde. Si, bien sûr, le plus.

Le Hulk Iranien a déclaré qu'il ferait son entrée au MMALatest UK and World News, Sport and Comment | Daily Express

A bodybuilder who hails from Ahwaz, Iran, Gharibi's absurd physique has made him a social media sensation. He's also repeatedly expressed his interest in getting into professional combat sports A 24 year-old power-lifter from Iran is taking Instagram by storm thanks to his unreal proportions and incredible social media game. He has 107,000 followers and nicknames including The Iranian. Britain's Martyn Ford once had aspirations of being a professional cricketer but turned to bodybuilding after an injury. I've loved almost all forms of martial arts, Ford said after signing. Ford has no previous professional fighting experience but his 1.5 million followers on Instagram will certainly have attracted KSW, who are seen as the modern-day equivalent of former Japanese. The Iranian Hulk has found a combat sports home. 27-year-old Sajad Gharibi, a powerlifter from Ahwaz, Iran that has gained a sizeable social media following for his very unique build, will. It is not the first time the Iranian Hulk has looked set to test his strength in combat sports. He was due to fight British bodybuilder Martyn Ford in an event set up by Polish MMA organisation.

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